Marilyn O'Day

MarilynODay Theatric

“Singer – Actress – Model – Writer– Inventor”

I have always agreed with the phrase: “You’re never too old to follow your dreams!” So, with that in mind, I have continued to study acting, working in films and commercials, and working on my writing. I am currently a student of Bob Caso of The Actor’s Group in Orlando and Melbourne, Florida – I highly recommend these classes! When my friend and I saw Bob in action teaching his class we were hooked! Best move we ever made.

This website, a gift from my Significant Other, Mike, will be filled with my creative efforts, latest activities and a continuous stream of updates and pictures.

I just finished a five year stint with the Five Boroughs out of Ft. Lauderdale where we were doing shows featuring Doo Wop and oldies. My true love is pop/jazz, so, one of my next adventures will be finding a venue where I can sing that type of music!

Currently, my invention, the Upsies Daisy, is being marketed – check it out under “About Upsie Daisy” on the side menu. I am also involved with the production of Bob Caso’s second film, “The Shelter”… And looking forward to the completion of several writing adventures and seeing them published!