About Marilyn O'Day

PortFolio3 w350 h300Originally from California, Marilyn relocated in Florida in the early 70’s where she met and auditioned for Danny O’Day, a local musician and his group. A year later they parted ways and she made New York her home. Marilyn joined the group “Expo” in 1974 and stayed until 1980. The group consisted of Nick Pionegro ( AKA Spanky) on keyboards, Tone Alexander, guitar, Richie Meli (2 years) and Frank Bellucci, (3 years) on drums. Expo featured original songs with harmony in Four Seasons-like mode, floors show, recorded a disco album and worked steadily for 6 years with Marilyn singing songs from the 20’s thru the disco era, show tunes. Her repertoire included artists such as Barbara Streisand, Tina Turner, Donna Summer and Billy Holiday. Along with singing she took acting classes and has loved it ever since. Marilyn went on to perform in southern Florida in places like The Abbey Road Lounges, Stan’s on the Water and The Polo Club in North Miami. She continued her studies including TV Production, TV & Radio Broadcasting and creative writing. Eventually, Marilyn became known among her peers as a versatile and talented lady…and easy to get along with! Marilyn joined The Five Boroughs in 2010 while living in Ft. Lauderdale, and stayed with them for five years. She relocated to Melbourne, FL, in 2012, after being reunited with her high school sweetheart! She continued to work with the Borough until the death of their leader, Frank Iovino in 2015. Marilyn is happy to be working and studying in Melbourne and Orlando and will be going forward with new ideas, plans and schemes!