NickPionegro“When Marilyn O’Day started singing with me it was a new adventure for both of us! My band was making a transition from a six piece group with three horns to a three piece all male singing rhythm section with a female front singer. Marilyn being from Canoga Park, a small town in California, was a noticeable contrast to “tr’ee ‘singin’ on da corner’ harmony guys from Brooklyn!” We changed the name of the group from “Brass Expo” to “Expo 77” and the work began. Marilyn had a really good voice but lacked the confidence and attitude necessary to stand out from the rest. If someone came up to me and rudely said, “You can’t sing”, I would laugh and respond with, “You’re ugly…I can practice…what are you going to do?” Whereas, Marilyn would break down and cry! She really wanted to learn. So, with her saying “I can’t” and me saying “You can”, in a very short time she possessed everything she needed to be the great singer and a great performer that she is today!”
Nick Pionegro AKA Spanky of Spanky and Dino, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (Note from Marilyn: Nick was and has always been a great influence on my singing. He has always told me the good and the bad and has always been a great friend! I probably would have quit the business had I joined any other group at that time in my life. He taught me how the Brooklyn girls get by…I learned to be very good at “Brooklyn”…lol. Thank You, Nick, AKA Spanky!)
FrankIovino“Marilyn connects with her audience by putting strong emotion in her performance. She shows up on time, is professionally prepared, and very focused on the work of performing”
Frank Iovino Band Leader, The Five Boroughs, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
BruceWallace“I had the distinct pleasure of playing and singing with Marilyn for several years. She is consummate professional in every respect and a joy to be friends with both on stage and off. She is always willing to go out of her way to be a team player and to do whatever is required; and often goes above and beyond. Her vocals have wonderful intonation and a beautiful alto richness that sets her apart from others. She harmonizes perfectly and enhances every performance with both her voice and her smile. She has been, and will always be, a first class performer in my book.”
Bruce Wallace, Band Leader, Orlando, FL
koneill“To Marilyn O’Day, I can not say enough about you and your work in this film…”
Kevin O’Neill Writer/Director of the short film “Perception”, July 2017